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Henna Arts Gift card

Henna Arts Gift Cards ~ from $10 - $100. Pay by any credit card.

Choose the value from dropdown and click on the gift card picture on left. You will be taken to secure site where you can pay by any credit card or Paypal.

We will e-mail you the link to print the Gift Certificate customized with your and recipient's name or if you like we can ship it to your choice of address within 24 hours.

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Mandala - Mix medium of henna paste and oil color on canvas

Mandala (in Sanskrit - मण्डल ) means "circle". In the Hindu and Buddhist religious traditions, their sacred art often takes a mandala form. Mandala is a container of essence. As an image, a mandala symbolizes both the mind and the body. In various spiritual traditions, Mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of aspirants and adepts, as a spiritual teaching tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

Here are some of the creation of Mandala by Nisha. The outlines are drawn by Henna paste which gives three dimensional effect.

Each piece is unique. Size of these Mandala canvas are 8 in x 10 in and price ranges from $30 to $80.

Contact us for availability and details.
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Colorful long handle hand crafted cotton bags or purses

These bags are mix of various cotton materials or sometimes piece of dresses stitched together. Mostly all bags have zipper in the top and some bags have small pouches inside. Price ranges from $14.99 to $19.99.

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Antique stamp papers - Circa 1900

These Stamp Papers were issued in early 1900s in the era of King Sawai Mansingh of Jaipur State.

Modern age artists have hand painted each paper with Rajasthani style of painting depicting special moments.

$19.99 each

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Posters of Mewari style painting.

Various poses of queens in India.
$12.99 each
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