~ Significance of Henna on Weddings ~
Henna (mehndi) is very important and essential in East Asian weddings. There is a special night dedicated for mehndi rituals called 'Mehandi Rashm' meaning 'Henna Rituals'.
Traditionally, in this night friends, relatives and family get together in a decorated room where fresh henna powder is mixed together to prepare henna paste. One who has more talent in henna designs is chosen to do the henna on Bride's (called Dulhan in Hindi) hand but usually it goes to influential person in the family. In recent times readymade henna cones are brought-in from the market and henna artists are hired.

We provide special henna services for wedding parties and can bring multiple artists depending on your needs and requirements. For Bridal Henna we quote individual price which depends on size and pattern. For the guests you can pay by hour or by per hand.
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Traditional mehndi songs sung by old ladies are very important in such events. They have intrinsic meanings. Now, this henna song sung by old ladies are also being replaced by modern pop music like the song being played here. This song is "mehndi ki raat aayi" (this is the henna night..) sung by famous singer group "Models" in India.