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Specially selected hand made arts and crafts items from India and other far East countries.
Colorful creations - paintings, hangings, tapestries, sculptures and various unknown craft items which are not only beautiful home decorations but are great addition to your collections.

Each item is shipped same or next business day from Austin, TX. We guarantee safe transaction and tracked delivery.
Ask us for gift packaging.

Colorful Tapestry
These colorful Tapestries are made in north eastern Indian state Rajasthan and Gujrat. Small pieces of embroidered fabrics are cut into specific shapes and sizes. They are arranged to make patterns and designs using threads and mirrors. Finally fabrics are put together on a cotton sheet using glue and stitched together.

Click on image to enlarge and more designs

Available on various sizes and patterns. Starting from $20.
Wood Work
Carefully handcrafted animals on soft wood. Look close and there is mini animal inside. This is symbolic to re-creation and growth in life.

Real beauty of these artworks - they are single piece of wood, no joints what-so-ever. The mini animals in belly have been carved from the holes of outer skin.

Click on image to enlarge and more designs Elephants, owls, pea-cock and more. Starting from $10.
Decorative Door Hangings - Toran
Toran is the name of a sacred or honorific gateway. They are beautiful art pieces hung on doors for welcoming guest and also to symbolize happiness and prosperity at home.

The doorway characteristically blesses every person that walks under it showering them with an abundance of love, prosperity, health and happiness.

Click on image to enlarge and more designs Availble on various sizes and patterns. Starting from $10.
Mewari Paintings on cotton cloth
These are not only hand painted in the cloth but are also decorated with mirrors, laces and other crafts materials.
Paintings are based on daily life of old days in India. Some paintings have Indian festivals, wedding and folk dancers.

Click on image to enlarge and more designs Availble on various sizes and patterns. Starting from $10.
Ganesha and Mythological Idols
Ganesha or Ganes is considered remover of Obstacles and generally as Lord of Beginnings. He is patron of arts and sciences, and the deva (god) of intellect and wisdom.
With Ganesha we have statues of Shiva, Krishna, Radha and many other Indian gods and selected wall pieces of 'Om'.

Click on image to enlarge and more designs From 3 inches to 3 feet - starting from $10.
Snake Charmer Puppets
Puppets of snake charmers.
Pair wearing traditional Rajasthani dresses. Available in different colors.
Snake charming is still a profession and living for some tribal community in India.

Click on image to enlarge and more designs Starting from $10.

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The henna experience

Come to our home studio for experiencing the ambience and setup for a perfect henna application.

We can also bring Bollywood, Arabic or Mediterranean setup to your event at home or at business. Ask us for colorful decorations and party rentals.