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Gallery of Henna Designs

Out of tens of thousands of henna designs done by me, here are some of the selected designs.

Henna designs are drawn free hand. There is no rule on how or what designs to be drawn. Generally, mehndi designs are based on the practices followed on the occasions for which it is being applied and represent specific objects, dresses, floral designs, leaves, and birds (or animals) associated with the occassion. Stain color from natural Henna is always maroon or dark brown. Variation in pattern is achieved by thickness of the paste applied. Sometimes second layer of henna is applied next day over the first application to get darker color in some part of designs.

Click on the images or link to go to that gallery.

Wedding Henna Design Gallery

Henna has special place on wedding event. South Asian wedding is incomplete without henna. There is a whole day set aside for this ritual.

wedding henna design

Mothers Blessings Henna

Henna is considered good luck for both mom and child. A fun activity for baby shower party and memories to cherish.

Henna for mothers belessings

Henna tattoo for men

If you think henna is just for girls, think again..
Here are some of the henna designs on men we could capture on our camera.

Henna tattoo for men

Henna Tattoo for Fun

You don't need to find a reason to get henna tattoo. Just come over alone or with your friends and we will have something for everyone.

Henna with friends is always fun

Henna Crown

It is difficult time when someone starts losing hair. There is void and different look. We have helped many to overcome at the challenging time by drawing crown.

Henna Crown for bald head

Experimental Henna

No strings attached. Adorn your body with henna tattoo, wherever you want, the way you want. We reserve the rights and limitations of this service.

Full body henna tattoo

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The henna experience

Come to our home studio for experiencing the ambience and setup for a perfect henna application.

We can also bring Bollywood, Arabic or Mediterranean setup to your event at home or at business. Ask us for colorful decorations and party rentals.