Stylish Western Dresses versus Ethnic Indian Dresses

Modern and Traditional India


Are you a denim-jeans person or a salwar-kameez person? Here, you will find out all the interesting facts you need to know about western and Indian styles of dressing. So, stay glued and keep reading.

Like everyone, you also must be familiar with the saying, “The first impression is the last impression.” The dress we wear is certainly a fundamental part of this ‘impression’. People know us by what we wear and how we carry or mold our dressing sense in day-to-day lives. It basically not only represents our personality and who we are but also our psychological processes and even our mindset and behavior. Amazing, isn’t it? Thus, our dressing has an immense impact on our appearance and character.
So, if it’s this important, how can you put a finger on what your style is? Well, you can either go east or west by assessing both styles. The fashion world has no limits. Codes of dressing greatly vary in western dressing and Indian dresses. Let’s take a look at both eastern and western styles/trends in a bit of detail now, shall we?

Stylish Western Dresses

Western dresses are incredibly stylish, classy, and comfortable, including T-shirts, jackets, ponchos, shorts, skirts, cardigans, maxis, and jeans-wear and many more forms of dresses. They can be bolder and appealing to people. However, among all western dresses, denim jeans are most popular among people all over the world and never go out-of-date. Also, hats and beautiful accessories are often worn as a part of western culture.

Classy Denim Jeans

Denim is the fabric’s name that makes these jeans (and many other fashion accessories and garments), and jeans have given a widespread identity and acceptance to this fabric that is made of 100% cotton. Some denim jeans add more comfort and luxury by their stretchable composition, fitting perfectly on any body shape. They are made available in the market in all sizes and shapes, no matter how skinny or bulky you may be.

A Huge Variety in Jeans You Will Find

You must have seen and shopped denim jeans with new stylish designs being introduced nowadays. They have skinny jeans, boot-cut jeans, bell-bottom jeans, baggy jeans, flared jeans, low-rise/mid-rise/high-rise jeans, retro jeans, cuffed jeans, Capri jeans, and recently we see cigarette pants and ripped jeans becoming highly trending between both genders. Most brands have outperformed by adding beads, embroidery or glitter, etc. on jeans to make them stand out as a new trend instead of selling the same old plain jeans to customers. What’s interesting here is that some brands use eastern henna designs and patterns on the sides or borders of jeans to blend both eastern and western vibes.

Ethnic Indian Dresses

On the other hand, outfits in India have an ethnic quality about them. They symbolize traditions, values, and numerous cultures and sub-cultures within India, the most popular and mesmerizing being the saree (most preferred) or Shalwar Kameez for ladies and sherwani or kurta pajamas for gents.

Sarees of India are famous throughout the globe and they are one of the oldest clothing items that didn’t ever go out-of-date, just like denim jeans from the west are always accepted and liked throughout decades. Especially Banarsi sarees have a high-quality fabric, beautiful colors, and unique embroidered designs that catch everyone’s attention and look most attractive. Everybody loves the decency and traditional touch of these dresses. One may find wearing denim jeans or skirts as a stylish representation of their taste but wearing Indian dresses has its charm, indicating the preservation of culture and unity as well as a royal kind of taste in dressing. It all depends on personal choice and changing trends in the modern fashion world.

Most cultural dresses come with dupattas to add more elegance and sophistication to the eastern woman, signifying respect, shyness, modesty, beauty. It is her decorative element of dress. For men, dhoti, Jama, kurta pajama, and shalwar qameez display their masculine power and style.


So, we would recommend you to pick your choice and style of clothes as you like, but blindly following any fashion, especially western trends, just to please others or form an impression of modernism is not going to be a good idea. If a good balance is maintained and you don’t completely abandon your cultural roots and traditions along the way, then you will be able to make your true identity shine while keeping in touch with up-to-date fashion trends and staying in style too. Cheers!


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