Top 5 Women Jewelry Designs For Contemporary Market



Jewelry is an old-as-time accessory to enhance our look. Quite simply, jewelry works wonders to one’s style and looks when it matches the person. But trends change, and designs go in and out of style.
If you are thinking of accessorizing yourself, you need to know which designs are a contemporary and effective addition to your vibe. This list will give you some good jewelry gift ideas for her if you are ordering for someone else.

Either way, here are the top 5 designs that are current with details on how and when to wear them. Enjoy!

1. Bead Choker Necklace

We start this list with a minimalist design. Chokers can be controversial when they are made of cloth and are one or two inches thick. But, these bead necklaces are quite thin. Tiny dark-colored beads are strung around on a thinner golden string.

But there is a catch. Bead choker necklaces do not look good if they are not the right size. Your bead choker necklace should never be loose enough to drop below the base of the neck. When fit, it should be a circle around the neck instead of draping over your collar bones.

To make it more interesting, new designs of bead choker necklaces have a front ornament. Right in the middle of the neck, you can choose various items to appear right at the bottom center of your neck. It could be a small crescent moon or another charm for good luck. It could also be contrasting jewels arraigned together.

2. Emerald Pendant and Necklace

There is nothing like bringing an old look into the present. Emerald jewelry is significantly heavier and attracts a lot of attention. They are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, every jewelry design fits somewhere. Emerald pendants work well if you use their green color.

Emerald pendants suit better on lighter skin than darker skin. Know what works for you. If your skin tone is really pale, you will have experienced that conventional gold colors do not work for you. But emerald pendants and earrings with green gems a sharp lipstick will bring a sharp touch to your visage. 
Emerald pendants are also effective when combining green dresses with green jewelry like Kate Middleton often showcases her emerald necklaces and earrings.

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3. Rose Gold Necklace

Rose gold is in fashion these days. But does it work for everyone? The answer is no. Lighter skin with red undertones does not work well with rose gold at all. It just fades away out of sight. But rose gold works well with the rest of the spectrum, from the lightly tanned skin to Dark African skin.
Rose gold is softer than classic gold. It does not have the same glean and lush yellow color, which can be overbearing. Rose gold necklaces are a great respite in these two regards. First, the color is a fresh variation for the eyes to see. Then, rose gold necklaces work better with pendants with unique shapes to adorn the necklace’s center.

Rose gold necklaces do not sit well with subcontinent-themed weddings that prefer classic gold and more voluminous jewelry, but rose gold necklaces and pendants will work great in all other events and daily use.

4. Jeweled Stud Earrings

If you want a minimalist design, you should get a small stud with one jewel. It sits in the middle of the ear lobe and is perfect for daily use, especially at the workplace, where you want to make sure the jewelry does not interfere. You should pick the jewel color to match your skin and hair color. But, bright silver jewels are a safe bet.

But what about events, parties, and festivals? Here’s my recommendation. Look for stud earrings that have a cluster of smaller jewels arranged in some pattern. I like them as a shell that starts from my ear lobe and continues to complete its shape.

5. Large Hoop Earrings and When to Wear Them

Large hoops and longer dangle earrings are the big bosses of earrings and the staple design of the subcontinent. But, sadly, they don’t work with all the modern hairstyles. I don’t mean hoop earrings that are uncomfortably long either—only one inch in diameter at max.

First, if your hair is in a high bun or an up-do for an event, go for hoop earrings. Your hair would be up and your ears bare. There is a lot of space to cover, and hoop earrings are up to the challenge. Hoop earrings work great with curly hair as well. You might struggle with the problem that your earrings hide behind your curly and voluminous hair.


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