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The Mother-daughter duo is so pure and perfect. The connection, bonding, understanding, love, everything is just on point. Daughters love using their mother’s things and mothers love sharing with them! A daughter’s first inspiration is her mother, in terms of fashion, habits, ways of doing things and much more. Admit it or not, as a kid we all had worn our mother’s dresses and pretended to be her!

We, as daughters, love every dress of our mothers, be it casual shirts or her wedding gown, they mean so much and have a chance to wear the same dress that she wore on her big day, is ecstatic. Not every daughter gets a chance to wear her mother’s dress and if you are the lucky one, then make sure you act wisely and do justice with the dress.

We are here to give you suggestions on how you can treasure something old! To add, if you run out of ideas, come to us at Taj Fashion and we will take care of your wedding attire needs.

1.    Use your mother’s wedding outfit in its original form!

There are several dresses which don’t need to be changed. They are unique and can be worn by women in every era. But you can add a little something to the dress which makes it look a bit modern. For example, if you are an Asian bride, you can add a touch of banarsi, jamawar, or silk and if a western bride, you can shorten it a bit or change the neckline.

2.    A new bridal outfit using parts from the old one!

Well, the part of the original dress can be woven into a new one. Use the heritage textile as part of the fabric of dress you want to wear. For example, you can add a lace from your mother’s outfit and attach it to yours or you can use the veil and match a new dress with it.

3.    Embellishment!

You can transform your mother’s outfit by adding embellishments. There are different types you can choose from like adding applique, crystals etc. This option is most suitable for those whose mothers’ dresses were a bit simple.

4.    Adding accessories:

If you are keeping the original one, you can add bridal accessories. Which include shawls, capes, tiaras, jewelry, handbag, hair accessories and many more. This will give your dress an enhanced look and would make you a bride of this century.

5.    Change the color!

Changing the color would bring the dress into the 21st century. You can dye the dress in your favorite color or according to the wedding theme. It will turn the dress into something unique.

6.    Add a cancan or petticoat:

Cancan will give a royal flair to the dress, it’s in fashion nowadays and you should go for it. Adding a petticoat is an inexpensive way of making a dress unique. It will add an embellishment to a vintage-themed wedding.

There are pros and cons of everything and if you are asking your mom to give you her precious outfit, then consider these beforehand:


She’ll be happy, as it will be the sweetest gesture to her. Through this, you can honor your family. This will show how much devoted you are to your family. She’ll feel ecstatic that you praise her style and taste from even that time of the wedding.  And you wouldn’t need to spend time and money on a new dress. No doubt there would be lots of alterations, but you would at least have the main structure.


It’ll make your mother happy, but you won’t be able to choose your dress. No matter how beautiful your mother’s dress is you can’t be 100% satisfied with its design. You may like one part of the dress and don’t want the other part. Alterations can be tough. According to the style and of the dress and the era it had been worn, alterations can be tricky and pricey. You may also feel to be overly cautious with it.


There are certain ways to express love for your mother but honouring her by wearing her wedding gown is the best way. So, if you want to have a nostalgic twist to your wedding, go for your mom’s bridal outfit and it would be a win, win wedding situation.


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