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Indian weddings are notorious for splurge of money and show-off by riches. But, under the umbrella of glamorous affair there are real rituals and serious affairs which arguably makes it most complex ceremony than others. Here are some tidbit of normal marriage ceremony which I caught in this video from Bollywood movie ‘Monsoon Wedding’.

During long and chaotic wedding ceremony in India, ladies sneak out some time out of their busy schedule and sit down together to have some fun. In this time they sing song, make fun of each other, of to be in-laws and also share some dirty jokes. Gents are strictly not allowed ;).

Some of the fun moments of a complex Indian wedding ceremony

This video has those moments captured.

Some other subtle details (mostly unnoticed) in this video are:
At around 0:39 you will notice when one lady is dancing other lady holding something in her hand circles it around dancing ladies’ head. This is called ‘vaar pherna’. The thing in hand is crisp currency bills. After rotating, it is given to the stewards or servants. The act is done in old Indian belief that this will prevent the performer from evil eyes and will take all his/her curses.

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Second, at 2:05, you will see boiling oil in a pan and the person is rolling dough in there. It is a special sweet called ‘Jalebi’. This fried dough is dipped in hot sugar syrup for few hours. The outcome is crisp, sweet, yummy Jalebi. (more details of Jalebi at our Indian Cuisine page).


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