Spectacular Christmas Lights ~ In Austin and Central Texas

Christmas lights around Austin


After so much shopping and gift buying if you are still missing the Christmas spirit and kids are longing for some good Christmas lightings, here are some good places worth visiting in our town and nearby. Not to mention all these illuminations are free and donations are welcome in some places.

In the hometown (Round Rock):

Look no further. There are some beautiful incredible christmas decorations in our city itself.

  • Deck the Lawn, 3448 Tourmaline Trl, Round Rock, TX

“Deck The Lawn” presents a GREEN CHRISTMAS with an energy effecient animated light show with over 25,000 LED lights. New for 2010 are “the Kringles” with “ELFVIS”, singing,dancing and performing animatronics. Tune into 107.5 FM and enjoy the music and light show.From Mark Dillon who is creator of this show:

So, it’s just not the lights dancing with music but you will also see Elfvis and Krigles band synced with the radio (107.5 FM).

The music starts at 6:00 PM and ends at 10:00 PM. It continues till January 1.

  • Winter Light Show, 10 Wooded Way, Round Rock, TX

Another great lighting and landscaping tuned to music of 106.9 FM. There is arc in the middle which has swirling lights in it.

At this location, you will also enjoy lightings of neighborhood without needing to drive anywhere else. There is not much traffic in this area so you will enjoy the light and music at your own time.

Animated light show with 64 channels of 25,000 all LEDs lights, using less power than twenty 100-watt bulbs. Show is on from 6:00 PM till 10:00 PM every day till new year.

  • Listen to Our Lights, 2708 Collingwood Drive, Round Rock, TX 78665

Selection and arrangement of light colors are very impressive at Collingwood drive. Here is how John Storms, the creator of the show describes it:

Our Round Rock home is decked with 14,260 energy efficient LED lights. The lights are computerized so they flash and dance in sync to music from some of our family’s favorite Christmas songs. The sign in the yard tells visitors to tune their car stereo to 106.9 FM powered by an ultra low-powered FM transmitter that is just powerful enough so people in front of the house can listen to the music while they watch the light show.

You will also find some other themes and good lighting arrangements in the next three blocks. There is good traffic in this area as lot of people drive to see the music and lights. I think it is wise to park your car off street in the same or next block and then enjoy the show standing in front of the house other side of street.


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