What dress to wear in this year Garba dance


The traditional costume of the Garba dancer is red, pink, yellow, orange, and brightly colored Chanya Choli, Lahenga Choli or Ghagra choli. You can also add Odhini with bandhani (tie-die), Abhla (big mirrors) or with thick Gujarati borders. Women also wear heavy jewelry, such as necklaces, sparkling bangles, waist belts and long oxidized earrings.

Both men and women should wear colorful costumes while performing garba and dandiya. The girls and the women wear a three-traditional garba dance dress find at Taj Fashion, Austinpiece dress. The top is Choli which is an embroidered and colorful blouse, teamed with bottom called Chanya (also chaniya), Lahenga or Ghagra. There are subtle difference between all three dresses but in general they are flared, skirt-like bottom. The third piece is Dupatta (scarf), which is usually worn in the traditional Gujarati manner.

Chaniya Cholis are decorated with beads, shells, mirrors, stars, and embroidery work, mati, etc. Traditionally, women adorn themselves with jhumkas (large earrings), necklaces, bindi, bajubandh (armband), and kangans (bangles), kamarbandh (waistband), payal (anklets), and mojiris (traditional shoes).

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Men wear pagari  (Turban) in garba danceBoys and men wear kafni pyjamas with a Ghagra – a short round kurta – above the knees and pagadi (turban) on the head with bandhini dupatta, kada (men’s bracelet), and mojiris (traditional shoes).

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Garba performance has spread beyond Gujarat to enjoy popularity not only in many other parts of India but worldwide. Especially since the late 20th century, there has been a notable proliferation of Garba competitions and university dance troupes. Folk dances similar to Garba can also be found in other parts of India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, in the southeast, and in Rajasthan, the northeastern neighbor of Gujarat state.

Let’s look at music and dance forms of Garba which creates so much energy that thousands of people move in sync without any choreography.


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