Why Should You Choose the Right Wardrobe Color with Your Skin Tone?

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You often hear people saying that ‘black is my color’ or how awful they look in pastel tones. Have you ever wondered why do they stick to specific colors? The answer is quite simple, it flatters their skin tone. While choosing an outfit we often over-look this very fact and buy a dress because you liked the type of it be it a knee-length western dress or Moroccan kaftan dresses, no matter how well it fits it cannot glamorize your look if it does not complement to your skin tone. To avoid the confusion of ‘how to dress to impress’ you must know the type of your skin tone and what colors suit you best.

Let us help you determine your skin tone. Although there are diverse skin colors and complexions but there are only two basic skin tones i.e. warm and cool. Warm skin tones have yellowish undertones while the latter ones have pink. Your skin may get lighter or darker depending upon your exposure to the sun, but your skin tone will remain constant. There are several ways to determine your skin tone. For instance, you can do a white paper test. Hold a piece of clean white paper up to your throat and see if your skin appears to be blue or pink against it then your skin is cool-toned or if it appears to be green or gold color it means your skin tone is warm. Another way of determining skin done is by using jewelry. You need a golden and a silver bracelet for it. if your skin looks fairer and healthier with the golden one then you have a warm skin tone and if your skin looks better with silver, then you have cool-toned skin.

Determining your skin tone will lead you to choose perfect colors if you are planning to rearrange your wardrobe or looking for attire for any special occasion. Some colors work well for both the kind of skin tones, these include bright red, teal, dark purple and pale pink. However, to outfits that specifically complement your skin are must-haves. So, warm colors like red, orange and yellow look best with warm-toned skin. Whereas, the cool skin toned people look ravishing in colors like blue, green or purple.

You cannot go around wearing the same colors and outfits for years and years however, finding the perfect combinations can help you bring variety to your wardrobe. You cannot find a combination by either surfing the internet or by taking fashion advice from a person with a good fashion sense. Your clothing will have a direct impact on what assumptions people have about you. A carefully chosen outfit can help you get more respect and attention, particularly if you are an employed person. Societies worldwide are virtual based, therefore, a better dressed and better-looking person is treated well as compared to others. Your appearance may not mean much to you, but it means to the people around you.

Improving your dress sense and working on your appearance does not only change the attitude of people towards you but it also helps you boost up your confidence. A better-looking person is treated well even if it is your reflection in the mirror. Once you start developing a strong persona and will treat yourself with love and respect others will do the same. As an addition to your looks, you will be transformed into a responsible person and you will learn to notice and focus on the minor details that people might tend to ignore plus you will become conscious about the cleanliness too.

Being a well-dressed person and picking up outfits that make you look more elegant and prettier increases your productivity. With a well-picked outfit, you are always ready for an eleventh-hour meeting or a presentation. The colors and the patterns you wear speaks volumes about you. Having your style symbolizes a strong personality and being aware of what colors match your skin tone helps you create that impression.

Having this sense of self-awareness that looks best on you helps you to be yourself without being ridiculed.  The right outfit encourages people to look you in a positive light and creates an aura that gives positive vibes. A well-chosen outfit inspires you to work enthusiastically as an outcome of the inner satisfaction and confidence developed by rearranging.

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