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Wedding is the most exciting and festive occasion in India. Relatives of the groom and bride come together to celebrate their union. The celebrations go on for a couple of days. The choice of clothes for such an important event is the most stressful part. The dress bride wear is a memory of the day she promises to make a commitment to her partner. The wedding dress can vary from the fancy bright colors, heavy lengha to modest wedding dresses which look sophisticated and elegant.

So, this article will discuss the various factors and things you should keep in mind when choosing a dress for an Indian Wedding:

1. Your Place in the Wedding


An Indian wedding is popular due to the large scale arrangements, extraordinary décor and beautiful clothing by the women. The show takes months to plan as Indians prefer to have a big fat wedding, which everyone remembers for the rest of their lives. India is a place full of diverse cultures. Punjabi, Bengali and Keralite weddings are totally different from each other. It is the most difficult task to choose a wedding outfit. The first thing to keep in mind is your place in all the wedding extravaganza. If you are a bride, then surely your dress will be the talk of the town. It should complement the settings of the wedding. On the contrary, if you are just a guest who is attending the wedding, you can relax and choose your dress according to your convenience. It is important that you make sure your dress is in concurrence with the theme and dress code of the wedding. Try and get some traditional Lengha dresses which are funky and girly or you can buy a Saree to look smart and elegant.

2. Explore your Personality first


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We all know you will have a lot of variety in choosing the dress for the big day. The colors, embroidery, and designs will make you confused with anything you pick. The key to choosing a dress is exploring your own personality first. Try to decide which colors are your favorite and what type of design and layout of dress, you will be able to carry gracefully. Are you a “girly pretty” type person or you fall under the category of “elegant and classy”. The dress is supposed to be the one which demonstrates your individuality and it makes sense when you wear it by giving an impression that it is made for you.

3. How to determine dresses according to body type?

There may be a lot of styles popular in the market, but they do not fit you exactly. The reason for that misconception is that it is not made for your body type. It looks ugly instead of beautiful, even you have tried your best to look good. We will explore some of the body types and the dresses which fit them:

· The Hourglass: This is the body type which is easiest as it is about the shape of an hourglass. You can pick any Lehenga with upbeat colors. The golden zari work will look great with your body type.

· The Skinny Woman: If you are someone with not a lot of fats attached to you, pick some dresses which will make you look a little bit curvy. Don’t wear chiffons or satins. Fabrics like Jamdani and Tussar silk are best for you. You can go for a saree as your waist is the most valuable piece you have in your body. You can do a lot of experiments with the blouse of the saree like tussles, embroidery or backless neckline.

· The Busty Woman: The best option for a little bit healthy ladies is to choose a single tone fabric with no decorations on the blouse. V and round neckline will look perfect on you. Be cool and calm without any stress of your size. Choose your clothes according to your comfort.

4. Variety of Colors and Design

There are a number of sizes, colors, and designs for your clothes. The conventional colors for an Indian wedding are gold, red and maroon, but you can always move around with the type of dresses you like. An important point of consideration is to pick the color of the dress according to your skin type. If you have a darker complexion you should go for olive green, gray, and mauve. Mustard yellow, pink and sky blue are your colors if you have fair skin. The choice of colors is not based on racial discrimination, but which color will suit your skin type so that you appear happy and bright.

5. Jewelry and Accessories


An Indian wedding is loaded with lots of accessories and jewelry. You will have a lot of variety in this regard. Make sure you select the type of jewelry which complements your dress. Keep your overall personality in your mind. Try the jewelry with the dress to check if it goes along with the attire. All the efforts on selecting the best dress will be ruined if you don’t pick the accessories correctly. So be careful!

6. Hair and Makeup that Complement the dress

Try to book your appointments with a beautician to check what kind of makeup and hair will go along with your dress. They are professionals and can guide you according to your face and length of hair. Alternatively, you can try on some hairstyles before the wedding to check if they look nice. You can also experiment with different types of makeup idea for an Indian wedding. If you are confused about all this, it’s best that you book a salon to get you ready for the wedding day.

7. Trial Room Fun

Do not forget that it will be a fun day if you are trying your dress and all the pieces with it together. If you have bought all the things separately, it’s time that you combine everything together to see for any misfits or difference in size. You can also call your friends or cousins to have some enjoyment with you while you try your outfit. They can also give you constructive opinion on any changes to be made.


An imperative thing to remember is that the wedding day is for fun and enjoyment. Do not forget to cherish the moments of all the shopping and trails. This time is memorable and extraordinary. Take photographs from your phone or digital camera to lock each and every moment of joy.


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