How The Modern Brides Are Using Henna Art To Tell Their Stories?


Wedding bells are ringing, and you are going to tie knots soon? All the wedding preparations are in the process, and you are working hard to personalize every part of it. Wedding dress, decoration, playlist and cake, everything is personalized. Then why not your henna design as well? Modern brides all over the world are telling their stories through their intricate bridal henna design.


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Henna is a tapestry of tradition that is now being used worldwide in weddings. Mehndi artists nowadays have taken henna art to the next level. It is no longer restricted to marriage only. You can use henna tattoos to cherish all the memorable days of your life. For example, birthday wishes for husband, your proposal and how you met your husband, everything can be made portrayed through henna designs.

Brides nowadays are experimenting with their henna designs. Trends are changing now. Regular designs like random lines, flowers, curves and squiggles are outdated now. Telling your stories and recalling the best moments of your life through henna designs are trending now.

Let us show you how modern brides are using henna art to share their stories.

Recall Your First Date


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One of the popular trends among henna designs is flaunting your first date. Brides are cherishing their most memorable date by getting it drawn on their hands with henna. What is better than recalling your first date on your big day? The moment you met each other and decided to spend the rest of your lives with each other. Henna artists can draw it easily for you, and you can flaunt it to surprise your partner.

Favorite Moments

In every relationship, there are some special moments which can’t be forgotten. Whether it is the first dance with your man or walk alongside the beach. You can cherish any moment that is close to your heart. Imagine, your husband sees the design of your memorable moment on your hands. How happy would he be? Must be flying in the sky. These small gestures increase the love between you guys and strengthen your bond.

Portraits Of Bride And Groom


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Another trend is common in modern day weddings. Brides get portraits of a man and a woman dressed up as a bride and groom on their hands. It is the depiction of themselves getting hitched together. It is an intricate and unique design idea and requires a lot of perfection. It represents the happiness and love of a bride for her husband.

The Perfect Proposal

No bride can forget that beautiful day when the man of her dreams proposed her. That perfect night when he planned a surprise date for you. That moment when he went down on his knees in the sparkling fairy lights and asked that most anticipated question. That whole scene would have just got carved in your mind. No matter what happens, you will never forget those words and that place.

So, why not get it drawn on your hands to give a personalized touch to your bridal henna design? This is what modern brides are doing nowadays.

You can also ask your henna artist to depict that perfect proposal in your henna design. Moreover, if your husband-to-be proposed you at a famous place, you can reflect that too in your design.


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The Whole Love Story

How about portraying your whole love story in henna design? Yes, it is also possible.

Among various modern henna designs, this idea is also trending.

We have seen many brides who prefer to show off their entire love story in the form of henna art on their wedding day. They start off with their arms and draw whole love story which is a compilation of some memorable events. How the couple met, how they spent time together, how the guy proposed or any other event that is dear to the couple can be drawn with henna. When traditional henna design combines with lovely portraits, it looks exceptionally stunning and magnificent.

Although it might require a lot of time and expertise, it can be the most fantastic surprise for your spouse.

Opposite But Made For Each Other

If you and your spouse are from two different countries or represent two different cultures, then this one is of your interest. It is a common practice now that brides represent the cultures and countries from which the couple belongs to. On one hand, the state of the bride is represented and on the other hand, the country of the groom is drawn.

Especially if you both are from different cultures and follow different traditions, then flaunting it through your henna will make your wedding more memorable. The love journey leading to a beautiful intercultural marriage deserves to be flaunted. It proves that love knows no boundaries and no matter how far you are from each other, you are meant to be together.

Hence, there are many ways through which modern brides are telling their love stories in their henna designs. We at Nisha HennaArts ( help you express anything you want to. Hire your expert now and make your wedding memorable!


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