Kite Festival at Zilker Park, Austin

Kite Fest Austin Henna by Nisha


Sunday March 6, 2016 (and first Sunday of March every year)  from 10 AM to 5 PM is Kite Day at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.


Fun, Family Friendly and Free.

Free parking is available at :
1. the State parking lots at 1604 Colorado Street
2. South at the Toney Burger Activity Center at 3200 Jones Road

Round trip shuttle rides are $5 (round trip) for persons 12 yrs and over, kids and dogs ride free. The first shuttle departs at 9:45 am and the last shuttle going to the park leaves at 2:30 pm. Shuttles will continue taking riders back to the parking lots until 5:30pm.

The Palmer Events Center (just down Barton Springs Road, east of Lamar), depending upon their events calendar, may have parking available for the Kite Festival. There is a fee for this garage.

Kite Fest Contests:
1. 50 yard dash (Kids only)
Competition is open to children between 7 and 12 years of age. Kites will fly on 50 feet of string. Kite string will be measured before the contest. Contestants will race to the finish line. Winner must have their kite stay in the air for the whole race.

2. Highest Angle Kite (Youth and Adult)
Competitors will release 200 feet of string and stand on a designated line. The kite flying at the highest angle overhead from the point of mooring wins the competition. For example, a kite flying directly over your head would win. Highest angle kite event has Youth and Adult categories. Kite line will be measured and marked between 11am and 1pm on the kite competiton field.

3. Steadiest Kite (with or without a tail) (Youth and Adult)
Winning kite is the least active kite in the air. Steadiest kite event has Youth and Adult categories.

4. Strongest Pulling Kite

5. Smallest Kite
Entries must fly on 25 feet of line and higher than the point of mooring. Kite line will be measured and marked between 11am and 1pm on the kite competiton field.

6. Most Unusual Kite (Youth and Adult)

7. Largest Kite
Square footage of the sail area will determine the largest kite. Kite Trains are not allowed. Kites must be capable of flying for one minute to qualify. Contestants are limited to three attempts in this event.

About Kite Fest:
The Zilker Park Kite Festival is one of Austin’s best-known annual events. Held on the first Sunday of March, it is the kick-off to the hundreds of springtime activities in Austin. The ‘Kite Tournament’ was created by The Exchange Club of Austin in 1929 with a mission to encourage creativity in children. Exchange Club President Ed St. John came up with the idea to give kids a constructive activity the community could participate in. It is the longest continuously running kite festival in the United States and is sponsored by the Exchange Club every year. The Zilker Park Kite Festival is an event anyone is welcome to attend (pets too!).

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